Our Objectives

  1. To serve as a formidable voice for Nigerian youth and be a galvanizing force for youth action on issues of sustainable development and Nation building
  2. To coordinate and network Nigerian youth and youth groups particularly community based youth organizations (CBOS) and smaller grassroots groups for the advancement of Nigerian youth, their communities and the country in general and encourage the formation of youth discussion groups, forums, and parliaments at the community levels
  3. To promote youth entrepreneurship and engage in viable partnerships for the attainment of our objectives
  4. Sourcing for and dissemination of vital information about opportunities that Nigerian youth can benefit from
  5. Organize capacity building lectures, seminars, workshops and other youth engagement fora for members and other Nigerian youth
  6. To promote patriotism, youth participation, good governance and responsible citizenship as well as sexual and reproductive health
  7. To carry out programs, activities and initiatives which are aimed at improving the livelihoods and promoting the well being and total inclusion of Nigerian youth and the development of communities

To serve as a viable platform for the expression of the utmost desires of Nigerian Youth.


A Nigeria where the youths are able to attain their
full potentials.