The National Youth Assembly of Nigeria (NYAN) calls on President Mohammadu Buhari not to seek re election in the interest of the young people of Nigeria and for him to maintain his integrity and respect among the committee of nations.

The president should set example by stepping aside after being the first Nigerian to win presidential election by defeating an incumbent, coming into power with lots of promises, but the president has shown that the office demands more than he can offer to make the promises made a reality. We hereby call on our amiable president to resist the pressure from the selfish cabals pushing him to re-contest for their selfish interest only.

Nigeria will be better served, if the President quietly completes his first term and retire to his home to attend to his ailing health and other family issues, we have seen his passion for Nigeria which have made him to contest to become President for a long period of 16 years before getting there, but unfortunately the skills needed to build a 21st Nigeria is more than what he can offer, hence the massive suffering experienced across the length and breadth of Nigeria. It is wise for the president not to continue for the love of Nigeria and for the sake of his integrity and goodwill.

As a military President of Nigeria in 1983, the president told the youth that they are the leaders of tomorrow, and by all indication 36 years after, this youth are supposed to be leading now, but for the president to be seeking re election is to insult the sensibilities of the young Nigerians. We need a generational shift; the youth must rise up to fix Nigeria.

As NYAN, we have since call on the youth of Nigeria to come out and team up to provide quality leadership from the Presidency down to the counselors. We are not going to be agonizing; we will continue to mobilize young people to install a young government that will serve our collective interest.

We will work with other groups to ensure we produce a more credible hand that will take Nigeria to the Promised Land. For our president and all those who love him as much as we do, we advise that we talk him out of the presidential race to give Nigeria an opportunity to fix things and move in the right direction.

As NYAN we don’t care the tribe or religion of our leader, all we care about is progress, development and prosperity of our dear nation. At the market nobody ask for your tribe or religion before selling food, fuel or drugs, everybody suffers from the result of poor leadership, and as young people it is our duty to help build a virile and prosperous nation.

God bless The National Youth Assembly of Nigeria (NYAN)

God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Amb. Akhigbe Olumhense

National Speaker NYAN

For and on behalf of The National Youth Assembly of Nigeria (NYAN)


  1. It is well said fact that the youths are they backbone of every society; security for old age and she’d for the young ones. Only youth understand the problem of youth as wisely stated by mentor Comrade Jibrin Ahmed Gamawa.
    Concern youth
    Nura Adamu Giade
    Bauchi State

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