Membership of the assembly shall be open to every Citizen of Nigeria irrespective of his/her religious, ethnic, regional, gender, social, economic or political status, provided that:

  1. The person must be a decent and patriotic citizen of Nigeria within the age range of 18 to 39 years as stipulated by the Nigerian National youth policy
  2. He/She accepts the aims, objectives, principles, Ideology, fundamental values, polices and programmes of the assembly
  3. qualifies for either honorary or life membership
  4. The National Ambassadors must be nominated or elected by the state youth as their legal representative. The National Assembly is made up of 109 Ambassadors (representing the 36 states and FCT), International Ambassadors and the Clerk of the Assembly who shall be nominated by the Speaker and approved by the national Assembly members
  5. Each member shall pay the prescribed annual fee for the state to enjoy all rights and privileges at the National sitting.



Life membership shall be conferred on those members of NYAN, that have distinguished themselves, with dedication to NYAN WITHOUT BAD RECORDS, such members must have exceeded the youthful age recognized herein and must have served as registered members at any given point b. Honorary membership shall be conferred on deserving and patriotic citizens of Nigeria who believes in the aims, objectives, ideology, principles, and fundamental values, polices and programme of NYAN and have shown it by their performance/Actions but shall not be eligible to contest for positions or vote in elections c. Conferment of Honorary membership shall be a decision of the National Leadership in consultations with the relevant committees after a recommendation from his or her state Ambassador(s)


The Assembly may at the discretion of its relevant organs admit as affiliate members, International Ambassadors, any group or association that subscribes to the fundamental aims, objectives, principles, ideology, fundamental values, policies and programs of the assembly especially those organized and working at the grassroots/community levels
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