Welcome to the official website of National Youth Assembly of Nigeria (NYAN) powered by Youth for Efficient Leadership Initiative (YELI). NYAN is an assembly of youth voices calling for good governance in Nigeria, our voice is our power and we are encouraging young Nigerians to be more involved in proffering solutions to issues affecting the community. We operates local assemblies made up of youth parliamentarians regularly engaging youth on developmental issues of the Nigerian people, we are committed to youth inclusion and good governance; we have structures in the 36 states of Nigeria promoting good citizenship and youth participation in governance. We are Independent, and not sponsored by any political party. Our motivation is to see a generation where young people are able to achieve their full potentials and the overall standard of living is improved.

We are presently pioneering a Youth for Presidency Movement ( YPM ) where we are mobilizing over forty million youth voters to bring about a generational change of leadership to a team of young selfless leaders who understands the urgency of the Nigerian situation to ensure a shared prosperity to all Nigerian. For details about the YFP campaign, please visit the website at …

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Your support and involvement is crucial in order to make our journey successful. If you are interested in joining our efforts to ensure good leadership in Nigeria, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Any degree of commitment kind support is instrumental to achieving our final goal.

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